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Ghost Commander

Ghost Commander 是 Android 上强大的文件管理器之一。


出品:Ghost Squared 包名:com.ghostsq.commander
适用于: Android 1.6+
语言支持: en, zh-cn, zh-tw
资源点:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1gfxLsFx 密码:p19i


Ghost Commander v1.53.6


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来源于: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ghostcommander/files/

FREE Software by Ghost Squared at 20160609

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==== v1.53.2 ====

  * 图像查看器相关体验提升
  * 新的语言 - 非常感谢翻译者的贡献!

==== v1.53.1 ====

  * 修复一个Android Marshmallow 的兼容性问题(文件图标无法显示)
  * 提升FTP托管和图像查看器的兼容性

==== v1.53 ====

Ghost Commander 1.53.2

3 January, 2015

    Picture Viewer related improvements

    New languages - big thanks to the translators for contribution!

Ghost Commander 1.53.1

18 October, 2015

    Fixed a compatibility issue with Android Marshmallow (file icons were not shown)

    Improved the FTP client and the picture viewer compatibility

 Ghost Commander 1.53

4 April, 2015

    Picture viewer improved, added such features as picture view rotation, delete, next/previous

    For Lollipop devices with external SD card added a special mode which provides full access to the external file system.

 Ghost Commander 1.52.5

8 February, 2015

    Picture viewer now can go to next or previous picture

    Fixed ZIP intent handling and entity renaming

    Remote file now could be opened locally

    Support Samsung Note multiwindow

    Many other fixes

Ghost Commander 1.52.4b1

23 November, 2014

    Now, the found files are shown instantly while the search is still in progress


Ghost Commander 1.52.3

22 November, 2014

    Improved the connection dialog

    Better help formatting

    Panel swap feature

    SHA-1 hash and mime type in the file info

    Japanese localization

    Better text messages

    symlinks resolving in root and ftp modes

    tested on Lollipop

 Ghost Commander 1.52.3b14

8 November, 2014

    FTP symlinks resolving

 Ghost Commander 1.52.3b10

6 September, 2014

    If a number of files are selected their total size is shown on the bottom bar

    Fix: in some cases temporary files were not removed

Ghost Commander 1.52.3b9

30 August, 2014


    Fixed an  issues on an attempt to rename a file when the target file already exists

    Added more font sizes to the font selector list

    Forced the list to use tiny icons if the selected font size is less than 10

    Added a context menu to the plugin items on the home: panel which allows to forget the currently chosen plugin's account

    Tested on Android L

Ghost Commander 1.52.3b8

18 August, 2014


    Fixed a few issues in the connect dialogs

    Chinese translation improved (many thanks to Gearkey)

Ghost Commander 1.52.3b7

17 August, 2014


    Redesigned the connection dialogs

    Added a checkbox which instantly adds the connection to the favorites

    On a fresh install a number of favorites is added automatically

Ghost Commander 1.52.3b6 (second edition) :-) 
10 August, 2014

    Info window for files on an FTP server implemented

    Info window improvements

    "Shortcuts & Tips" renamed to "Help" 

 Ghost Commander 1.52.3b6

10 August, 2014  

    Info window formatting improvements

    Japanese moved to the correct position in the list of languages

 Ghost Commander 1.52.3b5 
10 August, 2014

    Japanese translation added

 Ghost Commander v1.52.3b4

2 August, 2014

    Corrections in info window

    Two new strings added to some localizations


Ghost Commander v1.52.3b3

21 July, 2014

    MIME type information in info

Ghost Commander v1.52.3b2

14 July, 2014

    Panel swap

    SHA-1 hash sum in info

    HTML formatting added to Shortcuts & Tips (English only) 

Ghost Commander v1.52.3b1

22 June, 2014


    FTP/SFTP/Samba connection form's buttons now should not wrap the text

Ghost Commander v1.52.2

9 June, 2014

Ghost Commander v1.52b

Apr, 2014

    MediaStorage access mode was added which should allow to have a writing access to the secondary physical sdcard

 Ghost Commander v1.51.4

Dec, 2013

    Workaround for blocked mediascan feature in KitKat

    Cleaning the temp folder after canceling apps moving

 Ghost Commander v1.51.4b2

Nov, 2013

    The search button now is visible by default.

    Small fixes

    Fix - temporary folders now are removed even when no all files copied.

 Ghost Commander v1.51.3

Nov, 2013

    Fixed a KitKat related issue prevented to play network based media files.

    A workaround of a KitKat's bug related with the "Open With.." feature.

 Ghost Commander v1.51.1

Nov, 2013

    Fixes the missed buttons in the toolbar

    Requests the GET_ACCOUNTS permission

 Ghost Commander v1.51b5Oct, 2013 

    Fixes in the root: mode

    Support of the BOX plugin

    Only installed plugins are shown in the home: panel

    ACCESS_SUPERUSER permission is requested

 Ghost Commander v1.51b2Sep, 2013 

    FTP support for IPv6

Aug, 2013   Ghost Commander v1.51 Ai1 version is introduced

All plugins are included to the main application.

Ghost Commander v1.51b1

Jul, 2013

    Allows to change FTP file permissions

    Fix - the file attributes are now kept when a directory is copied in the root mode.

 Ghost Commander v1.50b2

Jun, 2013

    Fix allowing the user to have a '@' character in the FTP user name.

    Preventing from redoing the search process every time

 Ghost Commander v1.50b1

May, 2013

    Significant redesign, to let the file operations be executed into the background

 SFTP plugin for Ghost Commander v1.03b1
Mar, 2013  Added an ability to authenticate by the key file (place the key file with the same name as the host to the folder /sdcard/.GhostCommander/keys)
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